The Helmsman Project program overview

The Helmsman Project is an innovative program designed to build life skills (hope, self-regulation, resilience) in young people with potential waiting to be unlocked.

The Helmsman Project offers two different one-year, evidence-based programs, designed by our team of passionate and experienced practitioners: adventure program and community program.

Through our programs, participants learn to develop a broadened perspective of the opportunities available to them in the future, a sense of hope, self-regulatory skills and increased resilience – all attributes that will help them navigate through life’s challenges and achieve their full potential!

What is the impact of the program?

Drawn upon research from adventure education and coaching psychology, the curriculum is structured to generate measurable, long-lasting positive impacts in the lives of teenagers. The collaboration of parents, guardians and teachers is sought throughout the project to ensure outcomes are reinforced beyond the program. More specifically, the program aims to achieve these measurable outcomes:

Hope: Participants set goals, identify pathways and develop the agency to achieve them

Self-regulation: Participants learn to take ownership of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours; they also learn to work with their personal strengths and those of others as well as develop an increased level of awareness to assist them with decision-making and interactions with others     

Resilience: Participants develop the cognitive skills necessary to overcome setbacks, learn from mistakes and remain committed to working towards a bright future.

As a result of the above, it is expected that the participants will develop a greater sense of the value that persistence in relation to their high school education is likely to have to them and others.

To find out more about how we measure the impact of our program, click here.

How are participants selected?

The Helmsman Project partners with schools located in communities affected by disadvantage. All year 9 students of partnered schools are invited to apply to be part of the program. In collaboration with the schools and parents, applicants are chosen based on the level of effort put into the application, and the extent to which they would benefit from the program.

To learn more about our program and its impact, read our latest annual report or watch our video.