Our vision

We believe in a world where young people are equipped to fulfil their potential and actively contribute to the creation of flourishing communities.

Our purpose

We equip young people from schools located in lower socio-economic areas with the psychological skills and broadened perspective necessary to set meaningful goals, overcome setbacks and persevere in the pursuit of their dreams.

The Helmsman Project lives by a philosophy of community partnering and cooperates with schools, community organisations, government and businesses.

Our values

The Helmsman Project has four core values that represent a set of characteristics deeply embedded in the fabric of the organisation and that align with the beliefs and behaviours we wish to nurture in our participants, volunteers, people & partners. These are:

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Hope: We actively encourage open-mindedness to innovative ideas, the setting of challenging goals and promote agency in the pursuit of our objectives.

Self-regulation: We are determined to be committed, adaptive and dedicated to our purpose.

Resilience: We embrace challenges, overcome setbacks and remain focused on working towards a bright future.

Community: We are dedicated to creating a supportive, collaborative environment, internally and externally, through which we achieve systemic change within communities.

To better understand how we achieve our purpose and vision, read about our program.