Here’s what people are saying about The Helmsman Project:


“The Helmsman project helped me become more of an understanding person. I feel like I am more engaged in the classroom and I have goals to work towards.”

“The Helmsman Project made me become more of a passionate person and motivated towards what I want to do and who I want to be.”

“During The Helmsman Project, I felt like I had the ability and the potential to do so much. Coming on the adventure education, I didn’t know what to expect at all. There were so many surprises and different obstacles that I was not familiar with, but I found myself having the strength and ability to achieve any challenge that’s thrown at me. Thank you to our coaches, for always supporting and encouraging your zesty group and for always pushing us to strive and do our best for any challenge that comes our way. Thank you to The Helmsman Project for making these achievements and realisations possible.”

used YouthDay“The Helmsman Project  is not just about sailing, it’s is about life – about you improving yourself, becoming a better person and changing for the better.”

“For me, The Helmsman Project was a stepping stone to take the opportunity to reinvent myself”
“The coaching sessions are incredibly helpful, especially the individual coaching sessions, which involved my coach asking me questions that I hadn’t given much thought to. This forced me to re-evaluate myself before and after The HelmsmanProject, enabling me to further appreciate all that I have experienced.”


“The individual coaching sessions was something that I think all the students highly valued. It allowed the students to spend time one-on-one with the coaches where they focused on their hopes.”

“The Helmsman Project has shown me the power of positivity. Positive people in a positive environment can achieve great things. I’m sure the students will carry this positivity forward with them for the rest of their lives and use this experience as proof that they can achieve anything they set their mind to.”


“As a coach, a father and a man, the growth The Helmsman Project offers to me personally is incomparable. As a result, my annual and ongoing participation has become a key part of my professional development. The kids, the coaches, the charity itself – we’re all learning and growing, evolving and adapting, striving and achievingIMG_6634.

The work pushes you above and beyond your limits, but getting so much, on so many levels, out of giving back, makes pitching in alongside such a great crew so gratifying. There have already been stories of hope, courage, resilience and inspiration that have emerged as a result of this program and I look forward to many more still to come.”

“My favourite thing about The Helmsman Project has been the opportunity to work with some amazing, committed people who are united in the belief that what we are doing will make a difference in the lives of those teenagers who we are so lucky to walk alongside.”


“I see her more mature, dedicated to school and committed to her goals after completing The Helmsman Project experience.”

“I would like to say thank you to The Helmsman Project for allowing us to be part of the journey! it has opened so many doors for the kids. It is a once in a lifetime experience, which I, as a parent, would not be able to have made possible. I really appreciate it as it has helped our child to see things from different angles and we can all see the change in him!”

School principals

“Our students have been introduced to the adventures of sailing and gained many personal skills such as communication, increased self-confidence and belief, openness to new opportunities, leadership, teamwork and development of positive relationships with their coaches.

The benefits of our engagement with The Helmsman Project extend beyond the individual student participants and into the wider school community. Recently, I observed graduates of The Helmsman Project displaying initiative and leadership and sharing event management skills at one of our events. It is heartening to see the transfer of their knowledge and skills to a new situation.Helmsman_grad_2015_38

There is overwhelming evidence that The Helmsman Project is having positive impact on students, their families, our schools and the community. Our students are provided with opportunities that they would not be able to access without the project.”

“The growth and confidence that exudes from our students is incredible after 13 weeks participating in the program. They have many amazing stories of their time on the program and many new skills and attributes that they can draw upon. Self-belief is an amazing thing and with confidence the students grow.”


Goodman: “The Goodman Foundation has worked with The Helmsman Project since inception and truly believes in the program. We have seen first-hand the benefits that The Helmsman Project brings to the young participants and this is constantly reinforced by the positive feedback from the school teachers and the parents of those participating.

The team are professional in their delivery and the evidence-based program is designed to ensure it delivers maximum impact. The way I see it, every student that The Helmsman Project can reach is an investment in Australia’s future.”

Barclays: “The Helmsman Project delivers excellent, measurable outcomes through a rigorous framework embedded in a fun filled adventure setting.

A critical element we look for in selecting a charity partner is efficiency, and the Helmsman Project excels in this regard, leveraging an innovative volunteer structure to deliver great value for money.”

QBE Foundation: “The QBE Foundation is delighted to support The Helmsman Project to enable young people to reach their full potential. We see strong synergies with the philosophy of our own Foundation; helping people overcome disadvantage, strengthen their abilities, and live more independently, successfully and productively.”