The Helmsman project


The Helmsman Project helps young people develop important life skills, so they can overcome setbacks and find the confidence to pursue their dreams.

The Helmsman project

About Us

The Helmsman Project is a coaching and experiential learning program for Year 9 students located in communities experiencing disadvantage. Through professional coaching, hands-on experiences and community projects, young people learn to see the opportunities available to them and increase their sense of hope, self-regulation, resilience and community mindedness. Equipped with these essential life skills, they can make better decisions and reach their full potential.

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The Helmsman project

Why support The Helmsman Project

The Helmsman project

Community Focused

We work in schools located in areas affected by disadvantage, inspiring students to engage with and give back to their local communities.

The Helmsman project

Evidence Based

We designed our program based on robust evidence from the fields of developmental and coaching psychology.

The Helmsman project

Systemic change

Our approach is designed to positively impact more than just our individual participants. We engage parents, teachers and the school community, developing long-term partnerships to bring about social change on a broader scale.

The Helmsman project

Positive impact

Our initial research results show that the programs have a positive effect on participants’ hope, self-efficacy, self-confidence, as well as their overall well-being.


We focus on

  • Innovation

    Our program is a world-first in developmental coaching for young people.

  • Excellence

    Everything we do, from our program design to our volunteer strategy, is driven by our pursuit of excellence.

  • Impact

    Our work has changed the lives of our young participants, their families and the wider community.

  • Research

    We incorporate cutting-edge research from the fields of psychology, coaching and adventure education into our unique program. Our impact is evaluated through an extensive research project.

The Helmsman project

Get involved

The Helmsman Project has big ambitions to positively impact the lives of thousands of young people in Australia. To achieve this, we need your help.

The Helmsman project

How the Helmsman Project creates lasting impact.

The Helmsman Project is an innovative blend of developmental coaching and adventure education targeted toward Year 9 students who are at risk of not fulfilling their potential. These students are drawn from schools located in communities affected by disadvantage. At its essence, the program seeks to help the students take bigger perspectives on themselves, others and the world. By doing this we help them build hope, self-regulation and resilience.

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The Helmsman project