Rewarding & Insightful


The Helmsman Project coaches inspire, encourage and support the young people in our programs, so they can make the most of every opportunity.

Our pro bono coaches are an extraordinary group of people. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible for the young people in our programs to develop the important life skills they need to create positive change in their lives and communities. Coaches donate their time and knowledge to deliver our programs to young people, which involves:

  • 6 x 2-hour group coaching sessions in high schools located in Western Sydney working in partnership with an experienced Helmsman coach
  • a 5-hour community project workshop
  • a five-day adventure education trip

As one of our valued coaches, you’ll be involved in a unique program underpinned by world-leading research in coaching psychology and adventure education. Most importantly, you’ll make a real difference in the lives of young people in need. You’ll also get to:

  • work alongside leaders in coaching psychology
  • receive training and experience in developmental group coaching
  • get experience in coaching young people
  • work alongside experienced youth coaches
  • receive regular professional development through our supervision program

“I meet a new, diverse group of young people every time -  each student with a different vision,
life experience and journey that we have to appreciate and understand. Watching how they cope
with the challenges presented to them, sharing their successes, responding to their doubts and
seeing small but significant shifts in the way they view their world—I don’t think there’s anything
more personally or professionally rewarding.”   Serena Porges, Volunteer Coach