Big shout out to EG

An essential component of our new Wellbeing and Community Leadership program is a workbook which students use throughout the workshop, engage with during follow up lessons and are able to take home. 

However important the content of that workbook is, we knew when we created it that we would need to give it a proper facelift in order to get any interest and engagement from our discerning audience - high school students!

We approached the graphic design team at our funding partner EG Funds Management. With a brief to engage, inspire, be colourful, youthful and fun, they took on the challenge with so much enthusiasm. Within a few weeks only, and all on a pro bono basis, they designed a 50-page workbook and many more collateral... and the results speak for themselves!

We are so grateful for all the talent, time and fun they put into this project, and for helping us bring a touch of pizzazz to our program! Alice, Sarah, Paige, Patricia - thank you!

The Helmsman Project

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