CEO video blog: Hope

Our CEO Kim Larochelle shares how the value 'hope' helps frame her leadership and management strategies. The world has thrown a curveball at us lately, in coronavirus. And in times like these, it’s only fair that many of us, leaders and managers, are asking ourselves the question “how am I going to pull us through?” Hope is one of our four core values. It’s also one of the life skills we help our young participants develop. Hope is about identifying goals and pathways to meet those goals, and having the agency or self-belief to go for your goals. Kim explains the three ways she uses hope in business and leadership. Watch Kim's CEO video blog here.

Kim Larochelle

Kim joined The Helmsman Project as a volunteer when it first started delivering programs in 2013. In January 2014, she became one of the organisation's first two employees and is now CEO. She has had the privilege, along with the team, to witness and support The Helmsman Project's growth.

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