Change leadership - effective approaches to individual, team & organisational change

The Helmsman Project’s recipe for success is our combination of coaching (developmental coaching, to be exact) and experiential learning - in our case, outdoor adventure education and community projects.

Coaching is a highly skilled methodology. To be able to deliver an experience that provides the right mix of challenge, reflection and growth for our young participants, we must ensure our coaches have adequate qualifications, experience and attitude. We then support them through induction and training, ongoing debriefs and professional supervision. This enables them to not only impact our participants through their coaching, but also be impacted themselves by their journey with us.

One of our coaches’ supervisors is Dr Sean O’Connor. Sean is one of Australia’s leading coaching practitioners, as well as a teacher and researcher at the Coaching Psychology Unit at the University of Sydney. He has won numerous international awards for his ground-breaking research into the “Coaching Ripple Effect”. 

We (and you) are very fortunate as we’ve managed to secure Sean (between international trips, lectures and research projects) to come and share his insights on “Systemic coaching & effective approaches to individual, team and organisational change” at a lunch seminar on Wednesday, 20 November

Sean will challenge us to think more systemically about approaches to change and how to leverage the Coaching Ripple Effect to support individuals, teams and organisations. If you’re a leader, HR professional, coach, change management expert, I have no doubt you will gain a lot from this seminar. I hope you can join us - it is bound to bring a fresh perspective to leading through complexity and change. 

Check out the details and register here.

Kim Larochelle

Kim joined The Helmsman Project as a volunteer when it first started delivering programs in 2013. In January 2014, she became one of the organisation's first two employees and is now CEO. She has had the privilege, along with the team, to witness and support The Helmsman Project's growth.

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