Design thinking and team-building workshop

As part of the professional coaching component of our program, three of our groups were fortunate enough to attend a design thinking and team-building workshop hosted by Amazon Web Services Australia (AWSA). The workshop included a wide range of fun challenges and activities which enabled the students to learn and develop essential life skills. 

One of the highlights of the day was a team-building exercise involving spaghetti and marshmallows, with the objective to construct the tallest structure. This exercise taught the students to think collaboratively and learn from their mistakes by maximising the pattern of trial and error. 

The participants also engaged in a design thinking activity which challenged them to broaden their horizons to new concepts and ideas, put themselves in other people's shoes and use critical thinking. 

Other fun exercises included a brainstorming session using the 'double diamond' technique which taught the participants how to tackle challenges using a four-step process, and practicing interview techniques and tips for resume writing. 

All of the participants, coaches and AWSA volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the day and actively engaged in every activity. Thanks to AWSA for hosting the workshop and offering such a fantastic learning opportunity to support the coaching component of our programs. 

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