Do you know a school that needs The Helmsman Project?

Do you know a school that would welcome an evidence-based wellbeing program centred on positive psychology and experiential learning? 

Navigating adolescence is a challenging journey which has been exacerbated by the rapidly changing nature of the modern world. Supporting young people's mental health and wellbeing has never been more important than now. 

Our Wellbeing and Community Leadership program, which was delivered to over 600 students in term 2, was purposely designed for Year 9 students. Through a combination of fun but challenging activities, dialogue and reflections, this program equips young people with a sense of hope, self-regulation, resilience and community mindedness, four essential life skills that have been shown to support student wellbeing. 

" I feel this [program] has got me thinking of working and focusing more on what my goals and the strengths I need achieve to achieve my goals."

" [The program] has given me ways to overcome my challenges and to set realistic goals."

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