EOFY Appeal

It's been an incredibly challenging year for everyone - on so many levels. Some groups in our community have felt the impacts more than others, especially young people. Navigating youth is a challenge within itself, let alone with the added challenges presented in the last year.

Our organisation exists to support young people's hope, self-regulation, resilience, community mindedness and wellbeing. These five life skills have never been more important. The world will continue to present significant challenges and the ability to overcome them will be critical for young people. This may seem impossible to some and without the support of family, friends, community and organisations like us, many young people may struggle to navigate these challenges and realise their full potential. 

Financial support from the broader community has never been so critical for not-for-profits. Every donation goes a long way in allowing us to support young people who are experiencing disadvantage and struggling to overcome the many hurdles presented to them in today's world. Help us by making a tax-deductible donation to our cause, and know that you are directly supporting young people in great need of help. 

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