Enabling young people with essential life skills

The Helmsman Project program offers a blend of developmental coaching and adventure education targeted towards young people who are at risk of not realising their full potential. These young people come from schools located in communities experiencing disadvantage. The program seeks to help students develop a greater perspective on themselves and the world, as well as develop essential life skills including hope, self-regulation, resilience and community mindedness. 

The adventure education component is a core part of the program. Hands-on experiences such as hiking and camping can be both physically and mentally demanding. This helps the participants experience themselves in a different environment and, supported by our coaches, reflect on the experiences, make meaning of them and extend the newly learnt lessons to their everyday lives. This helps them to expand their perspective on themselves and realise they are capable of overcoming challenges. 

The developmental coaching component is a core part of the program. For eight weeks, participants are challenged to set goals, and to work together to implement a community project. This plays a critical role in realising one’s potential by realising that the ability to work with others is bigger than themselves. Participants also learn the importance of a community-minded focus. By working towards goals as a team, each participants’ perspective includes others and considers the impact their combined actions can have on their community and the world.

This is a brief overview of how our programs help its participants develop the essential life skills that our organisation is founded on. 

The Helmsman Project

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