Endeavour Energy Partnership

We are very excited to announce the renewed support of Endeavour Energy as a funding partner of The Helmsman Project. Endeavour Energy has committed to supporting The Helmsman Project for a two-year period

Endeavour Energy became a funding partner in 2018 but their support goes beyond financial support. In 2019 Endeavour’s Technical Training Branch prepared a six-week program for 15 students from Seven Hills High School that was designed to develop skills to manage risks, build confidence and prepare them for their transition to employment. The students learnt about managing hazards, the importance of teamwork and being a reliable team member. The students also sat for mock interviews for the career of their choice, conducted by Technical Training management staff using the same techniques used to interview prospective apprentices. Read more about this program here.

Thanks Endeavour Energy for your continued support of our organisation! We look forward to positively impacting more young people thanks to our partnership!

The Helmsman Project

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