Funders spotlight: Atlassian Foundation

Atlassian Foundation has long supported The Helmsman Project including as a funding partner. Atlassian Foundation shares a commitment in wanting to support young people. Many Atlassian employees have contributed to our organisation through various skilled volunteer projects. We are currently undertaking some major IT developments with the support of Atlassian employee Caroline Maillols. Atlassian has also hosted our community project workshop day in February this year which is essential to kickstart our programs. This support from Atlassian staff over the years helps strengthen the relationship between our organisations beyond the funding partnership. 

Alex Yakovlev, Foundation Advocate at Atlassian shared the following testimony about The Helmsman Project:

Like the Atlassian Foundation, I believe in the transformative power of education as a force for good. Education can sometimes be boxed in to a particular pattern, but there’s so much to it. I really like how The Helmsman Project approaches their program. I was at one of their events at our office and had the chance to interview the students and get a sense of their thinking. The general theme I get is that for a lot of the students they’re coming in to the program, or to the day, not really sure what they are doing, and they leave it with more confidence, inspired to do anything, believing that they could be the ones to lead and make the change and not wait for somebody else. There is a shift that happens in their ability to see themselves differently and the contribution they can make in a larger community. Something they thought they couldn’t do, is now something they can do.

What The Helmsman Project gives is a complementary experience to learning and education. I always tell people to take an improv class for the same sort of reason. It’s the breadth of experience, especially in overcoming obstacles and limitations in one’s own thinking, that contributes immensely to the education and development of an individual, in a way that enhances the outcomes of the traditional classroom. There is a different level, a different angle to learning that happens that then becomes so valuable to the individual in all other areas of their life. I was glad to read the study done by The Helmsman Project with Australian Catholic University to show the effects of their program. It shows me that they are serious about making an impact and making a difference in these kids’ lives, and so making a transformation that lasts well beyond that individual. The commitment to evaluating their programs is an important part for us at the Atlassian Foundation. We want to make sure we’re using our resources effectively, and having lasting and meaningful impact, and we can see that impact from The Helmsman Project through the results of the report.

You can find more information about Atlassian Foundation and our other funding partners here. If you think your organisation shares an interest with The Helmsman Project and would like to know more about partnership opportunities click here

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