Meet our new facilitators

In March 2021 we hosted our first facilitator training day for our wellbeing and community leadership program, set to launch in a matter of weeks! Our CEO and Program Optimisation Manager have been busy interviewing candidates to build our team of facilitators who will run this new program in our partner schools. 

With great pride we introduce to you our new facilitators; Belinda Robinson, Brendan Price, Caitlin Tenaka, Cara Benedet, Cormac Lennon, Corryne Keller, Eliza McCann, Gillian Smith, Joelle Breault-Hood, Michelle Kumar, Pru Hannon, Sam Macqueen, Syed Abrar Ahmed, Tayla Baddings and Tegan Aranzy. 


A few weeks later four freshly inducted facilitators joined our team: Abrar Ahmed, Gillian Smith, Michele Kaye and Michelle Kumar. 


Our facilitators are the front line of our work and are key to affecting positive difference in the lives of our participants. Facilitators are the people our participants look at, listen to and learn from; their words and actions are critical in the impact of our program.

Our team joined the facilitators for the training days which involved a run-through the program, including the hands-on exercises the students will participate in. 

We're thrilled to expand our Helmsman team and can't wait to see the profound impact our facilitators will have on the young people they deliver our program to. We're also looking to continue growing our team of facilitators, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with our ever-growing team. 

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