Message from our CEO - March

Our team has been a little more quiet since the start of the year, but not for a lack of activities. In fact, we have held our fourth annual charity dinner, presented at The Funding Network’s Macquarie Foundation event and launched our 10th wave of programs.

Amongst all this, we have developed, refined and launched a five-year strategy to support us in crafting a Helmsman Project that will grow and prosper into the future. I’m excited to share here the highlights of this strategy.

The Helmsman Project 2018-23 strategy

After having piloted and experienced the program for three years, in May 2016, an impact assessment and development process was undertaken to help our team assess the positive elements about our programs and organisation, and those that may need changing or tweaking. Consultations were conducted across all our stakeholder groups (i.e. principals, teachers, graduates, funders, adventure suppliers, board, volunteers, THP team).

The consultations revealed a consensus on the quality and positive impact of The Helmsman Project, as well as some challenges. These challenges have been used to generate two strategic objectives for The Helmsman Project for the 2018-23 period. Here is a summary of them (for further detail, click here): 

1. ‘Sustainability’: Be financially sustainable

As part of this objective, our key initiatives will be to continue to expand our network of funders through tailored and innovative fundraising activities, as well as generate a stream of revenue for the organisation.

Having proven the impact of our programs and deepened our expertise in developmental coaching for young people, we will be exploring commercial opportunities under a social enterprise model.

2. ‘Scalability’: Positively impact the lives of 3,000 young Australians around the country, and that directly and indirectly through programs and other initiatives

By June this year, the lives of about 320 Year 9 students from 11 high schools around Western Sydney will have been impacted. This is not a small feat! You can read some of the stories of change we have helped create here.

We want to be able to broaden our reach so that many more young people around the country can experience our life-changing programs. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are now focusing on: 1) developing a range of programs tailored to our beneficiaries’ needs; 2) establishing strategic relationships with potential collaborators, and; 3) creating efficiencies in our operations.

As you can see, the months and years to come have plenty in store for The Helmsman Project. It is thanks to the support of our partners, volunteers and supporters that we will achieve our objectives and get closer to our vision of a world where young people realise their potential.

If you feel inspired by our work, please drop me a line on I’m always keen to explore opportunities to collaborate and create something even stronger together.

Kim Larochelle

Kim joined The Helmsman Project as a volunteer when it first started delivering programs in 2013. In January 2014, she became one of the organisation's first two employees. She has since had the privilege, along with the team, to witness and support The Helmsman Project's growth.

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