Our impact in students' words

We've talked a lot about our latest program initiative, the Wellbeing and Community Leadership program. In order to truly understand the impact this program has on the participants we share with you a handful of student responses we have collected as part of the program. 

Goal setting 

Inspired me to keep pushing forward and setting bigger goals

I feel this has got me thinking of working and focusing more on what my goals and the strengths I need achieve to achieve my goals.

This workshop has cleared my line of sight and has guided me closer towards my goals.

As a result of participating in this workshop I think it will be easier to start working on my goals (e.g., getting a part time job, doing well in my exams).

It has made me ambitious. Makes me want to go forward in areas I am strong in.

It showed me what needs for the future like a growth mindset and goals.

Personal strengths 

It has shown we what the different strengths I have and can do with these different strengths.

I was able to see how I should use strengths in everyday situations and this will help me a lot.

I can use my strengths such as hope and leadership to encourage/push the other team members to do better or perform well.

It’s made me reflect on myself which is good from time to time.

It helps me to think more positive.

I can use my strengths such as persistence to complete the task that I am working on, e.g. goal for getting a B on a certain subject.

Participating in the workshop has impacted me as I am now feeling more confident in situations where there is a problem. I am much better at problem solving now

We could use our strengths to think about all the strategies and ways to complete a task effectively, and using each others strengths when working in groups.

Overcoming challenges 

It has given me the opportunity to realise my future and how to overcome challenges in my life.

It has given me ways to overcome my challenges and to set realistic goals.

This workshop provided me with other ways to deal with disappointments and setbacks in life.


I communicated with people I have never communicated with before.

Communications with others and getting to know new people.

I think that because I participated in this workshop I was able to gain a bit more understanding and knowledge about things relating to school, communication, teamwork and the future.



It made me more confident in speaking and communicating.

It has made me more confident and more enthusiastic about learning.

It has made me more confident about myself and what I want to do in the future.


It has shown me a more efficient and effective way of teamwork, leadership and communication.

It helped me understand that to accomplish great feats you need teamwork and a supportive environment.

Find out more about our Wellbeing and Community Leadership program here. If you know a school that would benefit from our program contact us here. 

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