Program update: outdoor adventure education week

After many weeks of excitement and anticipation, three groups recently completed their outdoor adventure education component of the program. A total of 28 students and their teachers, coaches and outdoor education leaders spent five days in the Southern Highlands completing a variety of team-building activities.

The participants were challenged in many ways including facing fears, enduring cold and wet weather, and working collaboratively to achieve a common goal. Activities such as abseiling, zip lining and canoeing were used to teach important life skills such as hope, self-regulation and resilience.


Moving forward in the program, participants will be able to reflect upon their experience, the challenges they faced and how they dealt with these challenges. Our coaches will continue to support them in developing teamwork and collaborative skills through the execution of a community project. 

Well done to all participants for showing self-confidence and courage throughout the challenging adventure. 


The Helmsman Project

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