Tax Appeal 2018 - Make a world of difference

By supporting The Helmsman Project you are making a real difference in the lives of young people.

Justin says The Helmsman Project has made a world of difference in his life. Not only did it have a profound impact on him, it has had a lasting impact on his school and community. But in order to give more young people attending high school in disadvantaged areas a chance to reach their potential we need financial support too.

Justin lacked confidence - at school, on the sporting field and socially. He doubted himself and his future. He had few opportunities to realise his potential. His participation in The Helmsman Project changed all that.  

"I used to always doubt my abilities. But after The Helmsman Project, I didn’t doubt myself. I was confident and I wanted to build on what I had achieved in the program.

Our school didn’t have a great reputation in the community. So I founded a school promotions team with one of the teachers. We gathered student representatives from each year group to help us improve the school’s reputation in the community. We put on workshops for Year 6 classes in the local area, relaunched our website and wrote articles on activities within the school."

Justin notes that the promotions team has made a massive difference. A couple of years later and people are saying that the school has really changed. Parents are happy to send their children to it. And the promotions team is still going today.

He says:
"I’m still involved in that, actually, the school offered me a job as soon as I graduated Year 12. I’m working with the school to keep that momentum going; momentum that was started by my time on The Helmsman Project."

Justin's journey with The Helmsman Project hasn't ended - he has just become Chair of the newly formed Helmsman Project Youth Board! Read more about Justin and his Helmsman Project experience here.

Justin would love more young people in his community to be able to take part in the life-changing Helmsman Project.

Please make a tax-deductible gift to The Helmsman Project Appeal before 30 June.​​​​​​​ Your gift can make a world of difference for another young person in Western Sydney. Donate here. 

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