Together, making a difference

Last week was National Volunteer Week, a time to stop and share a huge thank you to all of our volunteers.

Volunteering comes in a variety of forms and sizes in our organisation. We’re supported by volunteers working on special projects, in working groups, as youth ambassadors, in program delivery as well as on our board. 

The value volunteers provide to for purpose organisations like ours cannot be underestimated. The skills, knowledge, energy and time dedicated help us progress beyond our internal capacity, add invaluable perspective to our conversations and actions, and save us significant amounts of money.

In our years of partnering with businesses and foundations, we’ve also noticed that those who can engage their people in their community objectives by providing volunteering opportunities and time to volunteer increase their overall staff engagement and their people’s pride to be associated with their employer. 

At the heart of it, National Volunteer Week really is about ‘community’, one of the four life skills and values of The Helmsman Project and our programs. In a world where systemic challenges and global issues abound, it is really heartwarming to see people collaborating and giving back, so that great solutions can come to life. It is only together, that we can truly make a difference.

On behalf of our team and all the incredible young people we exist to serve, thank you to the many volunteers who have contributed to making The Helmsman Project what it is today.

Kim Larochelle

Kim joined The Helmsman Project as a volunteer when it first started delivering programs in 2013. In January 2014, she became one of the organisation's first two employees and is now CEO. She has had the privilege, along with the team, to witness and support The Helmsman Project's growth.

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