Volunteer Spotlight

Bindi Newman volunteered with The Helmsman Project coaching team in 2018, coaching on one of our programs with Strathfield South High School. Here's Bindi's reflection on her experience coaching with us.

Working with The Helmsman Project exceeded my expectations as a new coach. My primary motivation in approaching The Helmsman Project was to help support young people through coaching and develop my coaching skills and knowledge in doing so, however my experience of working with teenagers was limited, and even less for coaching in a group environment so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.

I have almost finished my 12- week placement and it has been a richly rewarding experience. Not only have I had the privilege of building a connection with a group of young people through the program, it has also significantly expanded my capacity as a coach.

Working in a supportive team environment, alongside skilled coaches and receiving coaching supervision from faculty of the coaching psychology unit at University of Sydney has deepened my understanding of coaching and its underpinning theory. It has been so insightful personally and professionally it has inspired me to continue my studies to gain a greater understanding of the psychological theories I have been introduced through Helmsman in order to expand my coaching capacities.

Working with a group of boys was challenging and rewarding in equal parts. Whilst on the outside the coaching experience is very different to coaching adults, there are still many common themes the boys raised relating to confidence, self-belief, and the challenges they face trying to reach their goals.

There were times when I questioned my effectiveness with them but over time, and with the support of the The Helmsman Project team, I could see how the program was making a significant difference and the boys enthusiasm for the sessions grew alongside their own development. If you are looking for a rewarding experience to help young people and expand your coaching knowledge in the process, I would highly recommend getting involved in The Helmsman Project.

Bindi Newman

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