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We speak to Corinne O’Sullivan, one of our amazing volunteers, on why she loves sharing her time and talent to helping The Helmsman Project.


Can you tell me a little bit more about yourself? 

I work at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, and I’m currently a graduate in the Corporate Advisory team. I love to travel, I did part of my university degree in Italy and I have visited lots of different countries. My favourite spots are always sunny with the ocean nearby.


What attracted you to volunteer with The Helmsman Project?

My first bit of volunteering was to help organise The Helmsman Project’s first annual dinner. I enjoy helping organise events, so that was what initially attracted me to volunteer. Then when I met the fantastic people involved in the charity, and also heard the stories of the students that they were helping – I was hooked!


What other initiatives have you contributed to so far?

In addition to supporting the coordination of every annual charity dinner, I helped organise a trivia night this year. It was a fun night for everyone who attended and it raised $7,751 for the programs. I also organised a group of volunteers to assist with drafting grants applications.


What do you think is the best thing about volunteering for The Helmsman Project?

Definitely hearing the students who have been through the program speak of the impact it has had on them and their community. With the kind of volunteering that I do (event organising), I’m not directly involved with the programs or in contact with the students as closely as some of the other volunteers. Therefore when I hear them speak at the events and learn about how the program has changed them, it has a really big impact on me.  


Finally, what would you say to anyone looking to get involved with The Helmsman Project or simply volunteering for a charity as a whole?

Volunteering with a charity gives you the opportunity to use skills that you might not get to use in the workplace and it gives you the chance to meet wonderful people from all different areas. Volunteering with The Helmsman Project has been particularly inspiring because the volunteer community is a really fantastic group of people, and you get to see the impact on the people that have participated in the program. Anyone who is considering it should join up right away!  


If you would like to support The Helmsman Project, you can check out our volunteer opportunities here, make a tax-deductible donation here or contact us to have a chat.

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