Volunteer spotlight

Sheena Polese coached on four programs as a volunteer, representing a remarkable number of hours and an unwavering commitment to supporting young people. As such, she was named one of The Helmsman's Project's 2017 volunteers of the year. Sheena shares with us what she loves about coaching with The Helmsman Project.

“At the core of everything The Helmsman Project aims to do, is the act of altruism. The genuine desire and purpose is to be of service to young people in our community.  

As a coach, I have the privilege of not being a parent or a teacher, which provides a unique relationship for our participants. Coaches on The Helmsman Project have no agenda other than to help participants set and achieve their goals, help them learn about their personal strengths and develop their self awareness and broaden their perspectives of themselves, their social groups and their communities. I am immensely pleased to have had the opportunity to work with four cohorts of young people across four different schools and see the individual growth and development that occurs. I regard working with these young people of all different backgrounds, with different hopes, fears, and strengths, as one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences in my career. I frequently come away from coaching sessions feeling enriched by the hearts and souls of these young people and that gives me great hope about our future.

Everyone involved in delivering The Helmsman Project, including the trainers, the supervisors and operations management hold themselves to very high standards resulting in what I believe is a world class program that enables our participants to find and be their best selves.”

Sheena Polese

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