What makes The Helmsman Project programs unique?

We are fortunate to live in a society that offers young people a wide variety of support programs centred around wellbeing, mental health, youth homelessness, education, employment skills, etc. The Helmsman Project team and supporters recognise the important role our organisation plays in offering well-needed support to young people. 

But what is it about The Helmsman Project programs that sets us apart from the others? What makes our programs unique? For one, it is our considerate combination of challenges that stretch our participants' thinking and capabilities, and the support they receive through coaching and reflective discussions which truly brings the learning home for them. The other aspect that sets us apart is our research. Our programs are evidence-based, drawing on research from the fields of education, psychology and youth development.

From 2013 to 2018, The Helmsman Project conducted a major Australian Research Council (ARC) research project. This project was a longitudinal randomised controlled trial which is considered the 'gold-standard' of scientific research. This was the first time a developmental coaching intervention had been assessed in the context of real-world challenges precipitated through outdoor adventure education, extending prior research in the fields of outdoor adventure education and coaching psychology.  

The research project found that The Helmsman Project programs helped young people develop many important qualities and skills. Participants on our adventure program reported statistically significant positive effects related to hope (agency & pathways thinking), positive global self-beliefs, open thinking, wellbeing, social effectiveness, aspects of self-regulation, certain life effectiveness skills, and reduction in negative behaviours and beliefs associated with motivation and engagement. 


The results from this six year research project affirmed our mission and objective: to support young people’s hope, self-regulation, resilience, community mindedness and wellbeing. Our programs are outcome driven and scientifically proven to support young people. This is what sets us apart and makes our programs unique. This is what drives our team and supporters to deliver our impactful programs to young people. 

The Helmsman Project

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