What's in a name?

At The Helmsman Project, we often hear that people are curious to know what our organisation’s name actually means. So, if you don’t already know it, here’s the explanation you’ve been waiting for.

For those who aren’t familiar with the word ‘helmsman’ it can be a little bit of a tongue twister. The ‘helm’ is what steers a ship, usually it’s a wheel. The ‘helmsman’ is the person in charge of steering the ship. He or she guides the rest of the crew to reach their destination.

What inspired the name of our organisation is the broad perspective of what’s possible, goal orientation and leadership that it takes to be a helmsman.

The Helmsman Project program broadens young people’s perspective of the opportunities available in the world. Through coaching, our participants develop personal goals and work towards achieving them. The hands-on learning experiences they have through the program help foster teamwork and leadership skills.

The Helmsman Project gives young people the opportunity and support to be their own helmsman, with new ideas about what they can achieve in life and the belief that they can reach any goal they set for themselves. The life skills (hope, self-regulation and resilience) that the program helps young people develop provide support for them to be at the ‘helm’ of their life.

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The Helmsman Project

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