Words from a Principal

Passionate educators are committed to securing opportunities that broaden the experiences of their student communities. Within our school setting, there is a particular focus on opportunities that secure equity. Often, it is partnerships with external stakeholders that offer transformational change.

The Helmsman Project draws students from the secure and familiar bubble of school and home and builds their capacity through enriching experiences. Current research has confirmed that education has the power to achieve generational change and that this positive impact is not just for future generations but also for generations preceding.

In building the capacity of our students, The Helmsman Project builds the capacity of parents too. As students realise what they can achieve, they can see beyond the bubble to the opportunities directly outside it and parents experience the same realisations. Rather than sustaining their measured and careful stances, Helmsman parents become the greatest advocates for their children to actively participate in non-traditional and unfamiliar experiences.

Our Helmsman participants return to us, lit from within, lit with a self-knowledge and awareness that will be invaluable in their future. The Helmsman coaches are incredible mentors to our students who come away with a deeper insight into what it takes to make a difference- as an individual and as part of a team.

Leadership and success can only develop if there is a self-belief and motivation that what is dreamed can be achieved. Each student selected to participate in the Helmsman comes away with this key insight. We are most grateful to Helmsman for what they have been providing to our student groups since the initiative was adopted and commit our on going support and involvement.

Zena Dabaja


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