Words from a coach

Working with The Helmsman Project has been a fabulous experience as a new coach. I wanted to be involved in The Helmsman Project to develop my coaching skills and knowledge, and pick up any tips on how to coach my own gorgeous teenagers. I wasn’t sure what to expect – however my experience of working with Matt Robinson, The Helmsman Project Head Coach, Charmaine O'Brien, The Helmsman Project Head of Programs, and the beautiful girls from Chester Hill high school has been very rewarding. 

Covid-19 has certainly made the experience interesting and challenging. I was lucky enough to be working with a school that was prepared to continue to implement the coaching sessions via zoom. Whilst this has made connecting and creating an optimum group coaching environment more difficult – it has been amazing to watch Matt in action, and has given me the opportunity to act as an observer and provide feedback on my observations. I have been able to incorporate many of the techniques observed into my own coaching practice.

There were times when I have wondered whether my involvement added value to the coaching sessions, particularly once we moved to a zoom environment. However we were all doing this new format for the first time, which made it spontaneous and loads of fun, with lots of opportunities for new insights and awareness. Having recently completed my Masters of Coaching Psychology from Sydney University, it was a fabulous opportunity to see theories such as SDT in action as Matt wove this into the coaching conversations. 

I can truly see that the skills the girls are learning can be applied to many areas of their lives in the future.

I would highly recommend getting involved in The Helmsman Project.

Belinda Robinson

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