Words from a teacher

Seven Hills High School has been involved in The Helmsman Project for three years.

I have had the pleasure of seeing three groups successfully complete the program. I have seen many positive outcomes from the schools’ involvement in the program. The students develop many lifelong skills.

The students of Seven Hills High School come from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, with so many different opportunities.

The Helmsman Project is unique in that the students are challenged to explore their strengths, set goals and realistically evaluate and reflect on why they did or did not achieve their goals. These life skills are invaluable for all people.

Our students grow so much in confidence as they work together in a group to ‘pitch‘ their ideas to a panel. Once they receive feedback and then the final approval they must problem solve in order to complete the project. These skills are all highly valued in the work place and in life.

Our students experience a huge sense of achievement when they give back to the community.

For students who sometimes feel they can change very little this gives them a sense of empowerment for their futures. The future prospect for all students is so much brighter when they experience hope.

Tonnie Slater

Teacher, Seven Hills High School

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