Work Skills with Endeavour Energy

"Endeavour’s Technical Training Branch prepared a six- week program for 15 students from Seven Hills High School that was designed to develop skills to manage risks, build confidence and prepare them for their transition to employment.

We started in the classroom comparing school rules and the rules of a workplace and the possibilities that come from making the right choices. The students learnt about managing hazards, the importance of teamwork and being a reliable team member. They learnt life skills such as how to perform CPR and how to apply first aid, when to use a bowline and how to tie a clove hitch knot.

The students sat for mock interviews for the career of their choice, conducted by Technical Training management staff using the same techniques used to interview prospective apprentices. The students were well prepared, confident and used their experience in The Helmsman Project to illustrate leadership and self-awareness. The program concluded with the students demonstrating the courage to climb onto a pole platform and to lean back in a climbing harness to experience a moment in the life of a lineworker.

While the program appears to be a jumble of unrelated activities it was designed to demonstrate the importance of structure and making the right choices, the benefits of persistence and the personal strengths that emerge when presented with a challenge. The students did not disappoint."

Leanne Pickering

Interim Chief Executive Officer, Endeavour Energy 

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