Work experience week

Jemma joined The Helmsman Project for a week of work experience in October 2018. Jemma reflects on the valuable experiences and lessons she gained during her week with us: 

At school, it is compulsory to complete one week of work experience during year 10 to develop an understanding of the work place. I chose to complete my work experience at the Helmsman project because I have an interest in charity and working with children.

My work experience for the Helmsman Project has helped me understand the different aspects of a charitable organisation including marketing, event organisation and budgeting. These are all areas that I had limited knowledge prior to this experience.

For my first two days I took part in a sailing course with Flying Fish where I learnt the basics of sailing. Completing this course demonstrated firsthand the impact of a challenge such as sailing can have on young people and how influential the programs that the Helmsman Project run can be. This experience taught me a lot about myself and helped me to develop teamwork, problem solving and communication skills.

In the office, the team works well together in a friendly environment to create the best opportunities possible for the young people that participate in their program.

From my understanding of the program, I believe that the Helmsman Project would effectively impact young people and would definitely be something I would enjoy participating in.

Jemma Gilligan

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