Integrity, respect and ethical behaviour

Ethical concerns policy

It is important that all of us at The Helmsman Project act in accordance with the values we teach young people and lead by example by creating a culture of integrity, respect and ethical behaviour in our organisation. This policy is designed to document the values we should all strive to embody and to outline how a person can raise any concerns of unethical behaviour (‘improper conduct’). This will also show how cases of improper conduct will be dealt with to ensure a supportive, encouraging and welcoming environment is maintained.

What is improper conduct?

Improper conduct is any action that is dishonest, fraudulent, illegal, corrupt, unsafe, unethical or may cause loss or damage to The Helmsman Project’s interests and reputation. Improper conduct can also represent a breach of The Helmsman Project’s policies.


How to raise concerns

Any employee or volunteer of The Helmsman Project is encouraged to raise concerns of improper conduct with Kim Larochelle, CEO of our organisation. Concerns with regard to the CEO of the organisation can be raised with Samantha Evans, Chair of The Helmsman Project Board of Directors. Concerns with regard to the Chair of the Board of Directors can be raised with the Chair of the Finance & Risk Committee, Dave Pendleton. Concerns may be raised via email ( / / ) or a conversation with any of the appropriate contacts. Alternatively, you may seek someone external to the organisation to send an email on your behalf so the concern may be raised anonymously.


Protection to those who report any cases

The Helmsman Project is committed to protecting those who report incidents of improper conduct. Those who report incidents will be consulted during the investigation and disciplinary process, and will have their identity protected throughout, subject to any requirements to disclose at law or any other reason outside of The Helmsman Project’s control.

It is important that any reports of improper conduct should be genuine and not based on rumours, gossip or hearsay. Reporting improper conduct is a serious action that should not be made lightly, as it may be damaging to the person(s) the allegation is made against.

Those who are employees or contractors of The Helmsman Project who report incidents of improper conduct may rest assured that disclosing such events will not impact their role in the organisation. They will not be discriminated, disadvantaged, dismissed, demoted, victimised or harmed in any way for disclosing cases of improper conduct.


Managing improper conduct

Improper conduct reports will initially be dealt with on a confidential basis, subject to any requirements to disclose at law or any other reason outside of The Helmsman Project’s control. The CEO or other appropriate person(s) managing the report will review the information provided and undertake any necessary investigation, both internal and external, to gather a full understanding of the allegation and related events. These processes will be conducted with fairness and confidentiality, ensuring all parties are protected and have an opportunity to contribute to the investigation.


Documenting improper conduct reports and investigations

All matters raised and investigated will be reported by the person(s) involved in managing the case to the Board of The Helmsman Project.


Actions taken as a result of investigations

The Helmsman Project will ensure that where cases of improper conduct occur, action will be taken in relation to those who have acted unethically. This may include disciplinary actions as severe as termination of employment or, where necessary, notifying authorities of criminal conduct. The disciplinary actions will aim to make all staff and volunteers at The Helmsman Project feel safe and protected.