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We love sharing news about our work and research, as well as the life-changing experiences that young people enjoy on our adventure programs.

Words from a coach

Matt Robinson has coached on a number of The Helmsman Project programs since 2016 and has recently joined The Helmsman team. Here's a reflection from Matt on his coaching experiences with young people in Western Sydney.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Bindi Newman volunteered with The Helmsman Project coaching team in 2018, coaching on one of our programs with Strathfield South High School. Here's Bindi's reflection on her experience coaching with us.

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What can’t be taught in a classroom

Young people who have been affected by disadvantage have had many experiences that required them to develop a range of coping mechanisms, many of which are admirable life skills. However, it is typical for young people in these circumstances to experience lower levels of support, which makes it difficult for them to realise they possess these valuable attributes. Other life skills may be underdeveloped. For example, the concept of ‘hope’ is closely connected to having a broad perspective of what is possible in the world… And exposure to disadvantage does not typically foster the development of such a perspective.

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