Our Work

The Helmsman project

Our Work

Our life-changing programs are delivered to Year 9 students in communities experiencing disadvantage, in collaboration with parents, carers and teachers.

Research suggests that Year 9 is an important stage in young people’s development. The decisions young people make and the skills they develop at this age play a critical role in determining their engagement in education and shaping their future. By reaching young people at such a critical point in their development, The Helmsman Project has the potential to make a difference in the lives of young people for many years into their bright futures.

Though professional coaching and hands-on activities, the young people in our programs learn to open their mind to all the opportunities available to them, increasing their sense of hope, self-regulation, resilience and community mindedness. With these life skills, they can make smarter decisions for themselves and improve their academic engagement, well-being and life.

Innovative Coaching Programs

Learning life-long skills.