Wellbeing program

The Helmsman project

Wellbeing program

Developing life skills that can support young people’s mental health and wellbeing has never been more important than now. Our wellbeing program is a holistic experiential program for Year 9 students to help them build hope, self-regulation, resilience and community mindedness, four essential skills that have been shown to support student wellbeing. Plus, through our inclusive team-based approach integrating students and teachers, wellbeing is now viewed and treated not only as the experience of an individual student or teacher, but as a collective.

Additionally, there’s no greater skill needed in the 21st century world of work than that of teamwork – knowing how to engage, communicate and ‘be’ a good team member. The team-based focus of this program enables young people to develop the skills to enhance their interactions in the classroom, at home and in their future lives. Our strengths-based approach focuses on principles of positive psychology and developmental theories.

This program involves:

- A four-hour in-school workshop, integrating challenging and fun activities, reflective discussions and multimedia, delivered to the entire year 9 cohort in sub-groups of 20 to 30 students

- An engaging and educational workbook for students to reflect and refer back to postworkshop

- Three hours of lesson content for your teachers to use with your students to help them embed, deepen and extend the learning gained during the workshop; these lessons can easily be integrated into your school’s wellbeing classes, home rooms or PDHPE lessons

- Online teacher resources for student wellbeing, including theories, strategies and lesson plans

The program is challenging, fun and supportive, helping your students to build positive social and emotional skills.

Learn more about our wellbeing program offering here.

The Helmsman project

Our approach

Research suggests that Year 9 is an important stage in young people’s development. The decisions young people make and the skills they develop at this age play a critical role in determining their engagement in education and shaping their future. By reaching young people at such a critical point in their development, The Helmsman Project has the potential to make a difference in the lives of young people for many years into their bright futures.

At The Helmsman Project, we believe that the greatest and most durable learning happens when people are taken out of their comfort zone. 

Our evidence-based programs are like no other found in high schools. We challenge young people. We help them stretch their thinking and their capacity. And we do so whilst guiding them through a coaching-based reflective process - because that’s where the growth takes place!

Though professional coaching and hands-on activities, the young people in our programs learn to open their mind to all the opportunities available to them, increasing their sense of hope, self-regulation, resilience and community mindedness. With these life skills, they can make smarter decisions for themselves and improve their academic engagement, well-being and life.