Making a difference

Our Stories

Words from a principal

The Helmsman Project is truly a life-changing program, the positive effects of which have been filtered through the school and local community at Cumberland High School.

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Rader's Story

New to Australia, new to coaching and sailing, and new to The Helmsman Project. Rader Antwi was looking to experience something different and break out of her shell - that, is exactly what she got.

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Adwithiya's story

When signing up to participate in The Helmsman Project 2017 program, Adwithiya Puri had no idea the impact the program would truly have on him. Adwithiya shared his story with us describing the program as “A path to a better you”.

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Justin's story

Justin Whiting is one of our 2014 graduates and is a member of our new The Helmsman Project Youth Board. Here is his story about his experience on the sailing adventure...

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Emma’s story

Emma Roulston was a participant in The Helmsman Project’s Summer 2015 program and “came out of it totally changed”. Her journey is one that inspires us...

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Rashad’s life-changing journey

My name is Rashad. In my sixteen years, I have had two life-changing journeys on a boat. The first was when I came out to Australia from Afghanistan. The second was The Helmsman Project.

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