Adwithiya's story

When signing up to participate in The Helmsman Project 2017 program, Adwithiya Puri had no idea the impact the program would truly have on him. Adwithiya shared his story with us describing the program as “A path to a better you”.

“At first I was very skeptical. I heard from teachers that students show a huge change in personality and a ray of positivity. I thought that sounded cliche, I didn’t think that was possible. But I could not have been more wrong."

Coming into the program, Adwithiya said he would choose to work solo, describing himself as a “lone wolf”. After participating in the community project Adwithiya now feels much more confident working with others. He was able to develop skills such as delegating and problem solving, and understands the importance of working together to achieve a mutual goal.

“The community project was definitely the most challenging part. Getting along with each other, trying to mesh ideas together, it all sounds great in theory, but in practice it was much harder… At times I noticed because of me and someone else arguing no one else was able to make contributions to our project. Once we finished we realised how much time we had wasted and we could see a real difference in ourselves. Now I can actually call them my friends.”

As well as learning the importance of teamwork and cooperation, Adwithiya has noticed significant changes in himself. After weeks of coaching, physically challenging adventures and working collaboratively on a community project, Adwithiya gained a new perspective of himself, others and the world around him.

“You can’t blame other people for your mistakes. You need to take responsibility for your own actions. I realise now that if I make a mistake it is up to me to fix it. I see this everyday now. I’ve seen that change in myself at work and at school, and my family and friends say the same.”

“Getting help from others is never a bad thing. I think a lot of teenagers think they can get through everything themselves. However, I’ve learnt that getting a second opinion can really help. You might see something one way but another person will have a different perspective. My coaches really helped me throughout the program with this.”

Adwithiya encountered a number of different life lessons that have changed his perspective and approach to daily life. A stand-out moment from the program for him was during the 5-day adventure with Outward Bound which has continued to positively impact his outlook and mentality.

“Watching the sunset from the top of the hill on the last day, I thought to myself ‘I can do this’. I still think of that sunset. When I go into exams, I think about that moment and tell myself I can do this.”

Adwithiya’s story of his experience on the program is filled with self-growth and development. It is empowering to see the impact The Helmsman Project is having on young people, and how the important life experiences and skills learnt help them to unlock their potential and achieve their personal best.

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