Anannya's reflection

The Helmsman Project is a program where they show teenagers how to achieve their potential. It’s where they show Year 9 students how to build hope, self-regulation and resilience.

The Helmsman Project to me is about making myself a better person as well as a better leader. The pilot workshop that was offered at our school this term, gave me a deeper understanding of my strengths and how to build on these. To me having these skills are very important as they shape me into the person that I want to become. Giving me the knowledge to become a better leader and letting me know what my weaknesses are so that I can work on them is extremely useful.

I had heard about the Helmsman Project from a young age and knew that I had wanted to be a part of it. Having the opportunity to learn new strengths and work on my weaknesses was something I was excited about so when I heard we were doing it I was over the moon, talking my families ear off about how excited I was and how when I come home from school they’ll be face to face with the new more improved me - and I was right. When I came home that day I felt like I was more positive and always trying to problem- solve.

The Helmsman Project is a program that I would recommend to anyone who wants to make themselves a better person and a better leader because to have skills such as sympathy, empathy, teamwork and commitment is something I feel like everyone would benefit from. Having the ability to work on yourself not only for yourself but also for the people around would be a skill in itself which I know that Helmsman teaches.

- Anannya Puri

This article was first published in the Cumberland High School newsletter - read it here. 

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