Shania... changing for the better

When we asked Shania what The Helmsman Project was about, she responded: "The Helmsman Project is about you... You becoming a better person; You changing for the better."

Here is what she shared with us about her experience on our program:

"I graduated from The Helmsman Project in 2013. Before that time, I didn’t think much of school. I had no sense of direction. I thought about leaving (school) in year 10 because I just wasn't a school person. But I signed up for The Helmsman Project and that changed everything.

The adventure helped bring out our strengths and showed us what each person in the group was good at. Thanks to The Helmsman Project, I have changed a lot. At the start of the program I didn't feel much like a leader. But as I became more comfortable working with my coaches, they noticed this leadership quality in me and they helped me develop it. I went on to become school captain in year 12 and I successfully completed my HSC."

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